Youtube Marketing Strategies
Please review the current strategies we're actively using to increase views and engagement within our campaigns
Youtube ads
Youtube ads allow you to increase music videos views and engagement by targeting new viewers or by retargeting previous viewers
How it works
Music Video gets Submitted
Before we start the campaign, we need to submit the video for and review by google.
Wait For Review
Once we submitted the video, the processing time for approval takes 48 hrs excluding weekends.
Start Campaign
Once the ad has been approved, we'll need a specific audience to show ads to eg. hip hop, pop, country, etc. Once terms are added, we'll start bidding on the audience given to us. Note - the speed of the views of any video is determined by the bid and position.

Youtube influencers
Youtube influencers are individuals who gets a lot of engagement from content they post to their large following.
How it works
Video gets Reviewed
Influencers review the artist video content submitted on behalf of the client.
Creative approach
Influencers than creatively will promote the video by either reacting to the video, using the music in the background and/or creating a promo trailer of the video.
Content released
The video will be uploaded either as a reaction to the music video or as a normal vlog, however the music video will be creatively inserted in the video made to appear organic.

Youtube Endscreen Promotion
Many Youtube influencers have huge following and have the resources to drive visitors to other videos by adding the promoted video at the end of all their videos on the channel as an endscreen.
How it works
Submit video link
Submit your video to be added to our influencer list who promote videos on the endscreen section of their videos. Note - Endscreens are recommended videos that overlay on the original video being watched and pops up at the last 30 seconds of the video.
Add video to endscreens
The Youtube influencers add the endscreen to all of the videos on their channel. This enables viewers to be redirected to the promoted video.
Campaign is active
The campaign is now active and remains on the channels for the duration we agreed upon.


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